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Computer Lab

         With the overall development and growth of information technology in this day and age, there is a constant demand for computer-savvy professionals in the legal industry. As the sources of research and knowledge are moving from a traditional library to well-equipped computer labs, it is vital for every college to provide the best possible facilities to the students.
At Mahatma Law College, we have a well-equipped and modern computer laboratory which has hundreds of modern computers and equipment. All our computers are connected with a fast internet connection, modern legal software, and operating systems to help the budding lawyers to achieve the right technical skills. We rely on both Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity for networking.

The objective of our computer lab is to motivate students to grow their knowledge base in computer and IT and enable them to stand out in competition these days. The institute has a huge collection of knowledge materials from various legal resources like SSC Online, Manupatra, and others.
All our students are acquainted well with modern technology in the field of law. We provide facilities like the internet through LCD and Leased Line projectors for students. Our network administrators help students to apply and use information technology and computers.
Our internet facility has been extended to different areas like student research cells using Wi-Fi. All our students have a unique email ID to access the institute information anytime.